Cold blooded Aussie Politics

Malcolm Turnbull’s secession of Tony Abbott’s Prime-Ministership mid-term speaks very poorly of Australian parliamentarians. Indeed it appears damning of the very nature of modern Australian Parliament. A willingness to cement a culture of self-serving transience in political action has been displayed by the success of this latest challenge. Though some political commentators believe Turnbull’s induction heralds a return to stable governments through popular and competent leadership, this belief seems reliant on the promises made by those supporting this new trend of transient action. If there is no better mechanism for securing stable and quality government other than the empty promises, from those who profit from the opposite, then Australia should consider review of our political framework.

Since the republican push by Paul Keating to deflect the public’s gaze, or even since Frazer’s use of monarchical safeguards to remove an active prime minister, the proportion and influence of snide, career politicians appears to have increased. Though slow, the public view that parliament is lacking leadership and competence has gained momentum. As the Rudd-Gillard transition occurred it was met more with surprise than alarm. The kinds of personalities were unique and the nature of the internal instability novel. That it could become a commonplace tool of political gamers in parliament was only to become evident later. Now we are seeing the true birth of this new paradigm in political game-playing. Malcolm’s challenge and its success have made it clear that the majority of Australian political figures and parties are now comprised of Lizard People.

These Lizard folk are called SKAAAZI in the international language used amongst the league of Venutian cloud-nations. From Venus they have gradually emigrated to earth, and are now in control of Australia’s government. They have slowly infiltrated our parliaments, systematically, from left to right. One by one, taking over the minds of various personalities in political circles and the media until they are the only ones left and no one notices their unusual cultural differences.

The Lizz-spill is not so much the start of the invasion as the start of the end of Australia’s human civilisation. Both the Labosoar and Lizzeral parties are completely Lizzard run. Don’t believe me. Just look at Abbott; the way he moves his tongue is uncannily similar to that of a Komodo Dragon; it is clearly olfactory in purpose. Shorten, another example, stares down TV cameras with an unblinking glare obviously reminiscent of that of the chameleon. All winter Tony Abbott has ambled around in a most peculiar fashion; why, because he is struggling more than most to contort his scaled body inside his human host’s skin, a lack of sun to bask in and his tail clearly impedes his gait. His reptilian joints connecting his four legs to his body  were not designed for the kind of bi-pedal activity he has been forced to conduct.

The Lizzards have only one desire. Get enough food before winter. And they don’t care in the slightest what happens to us over those months. The invasion force has lost enough sleep trying to keep us calm and ignorant. Soon they will be at our plentiful supply of small marsupials and rodents. The rabbit and mouse and locust plagues of rural history will return to feed their slow digestion. These SKAAAZI will wait for the natural death of our civilisation as it is seamlessly melded with their own. They will bring a new horror of synapsid ethnic cleansing with them. Their foreign policies clearly reflect this. The Liberals’ turn-back policies are aimed at cutting off the continent from the rest of the world. No one will see the genocide, it will be contained and make work easy for the lizard death teams. And the Labosoars are worse! They have shown more or less disregard for border control. Disguised as humanitarian philanthropy this contempt for control makes clear their global domination ambitions. They are always thinking “These people can come in whatever way, number and place they want….they will all die in the same agony.” The sinister reality is that these Lizzard folk are cold blooded killers.

Should we care whether our country is run by a bunch of geko monsters or not? You tell me, dear reader. The evidence is out there. Don’t make a fool of yourself trying to deny it. Ignorance is no bliss when it comes to the SKAAAZI. Whether the media, government or even corporate figure-heads contain their governor general of TERRASOAR SUZZULLIUS, as they have named this continent and its lizard colony, is unknown. Whatever the answer it is clear that REPTILE MURDERDARK (SKAAAZI name) is among their most fearsome and terrifying. His sway on the media has been used to influence the balance of power for some time. With luck he will be the catalyst for the SKAAAZI to die out fighting amongst themselves. However, it is through fighting that they seem to gain some of their mystic powers. Australia is surely doomed.