Flood basalt BOIZE!

There never seems to be a lack of amazing things to learn on Wikipedia. The other day I heard something about something called flood basalt so I looked it up. And would you believe it, there was a massive wiki-article on this incredible phenomenon.

The Wiki article explained that there are huge portions or the earths landmasses which are covered in the remnants of ancient, and seemingly unstoppable lava flows. Lava flows which occurred at the same time, coincidentally, as all the worlds largest mass extinctions. I think its amazing that we can just be walking across the evidence left by unimaginable cataclysms that ended the world for so many creatures.

Places like the deccan traps in India. This is a volcanic flow that covers one million five hundred thousand square kilometres and is two kilometres thick. like how I wrote out the numbers for dramatic effect? But seriously, it’s huge. And that’s just one of them.

And there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of predictions for future events like this. The science isn’t sure what triggered them in the first place. It could have been in response to an enormous meteor impact, or maybe space pirates mining the earth’s core. I think the latter argument isn’t in strong contention.

Perhaps there’s evidence of a wonderful cataclysm in a park nearby I can gawk at morbidly.